Chartering Long Island: Fishing Trip Recommendations Around Long Island (Part 2: South Shore)

It’s the most...wonderful time...of the year!

Striper season in New York officially kicked back in last week and fluking will pick up in just over two weeks. After watching their buddies in New Jersey bag quality bass for the past month, Long Island anglers are hitting the shores and firing up their boats: getting ready to put some meat on the deck.

This month’s two part blog series will attempt to give a summary of some quality charter boats in each region of Long Island. Some I’ve been on myself, others are recommendations from friends or fishing resources online that I trust and use regularly. My goal is to eventually be able to have a more comprehensive charter guide up on the site, but that may take a season or two and you gotta start somewhere!

I’m 100% missing a lot of great Long Island captains/boats here, so it would be awesome if you could leave some recommendations in the comments or shoot me an email at with your go-to’s it’ll help me build out a bigger guide!

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#NTVartists: Owls of Long Island Through the Lens of Shane Etter

Shane Etter is one of the most talented bird photographers on Long Island. His patience and keen eye has resulted in breathtaking shots of some of our Island’s most elusive residents and winter visitors, owls. It’s not uncommon for Shane to spend hours in search of his muse - fighting the biting coastal winds of the frigid south shore or navigating the woods in search of these beautiful birds.

Those willing to brave the cold have seen an increase in owl sightings on Long Island over the past few years. For this month’s blog, we are highlighting Shane’s beautiful owl photography from around Long Island and giving some background on his incredible subjects.

For more of Shane’s photography, please follow him on Instagram.

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