Chartering Long Island: Fishing Trip Recommendations Around Long Island (Part 2: South Shore)

Chartering Long Island: Part 2 South Shore

Recommendations For Fishing Around Long Island


It’s the most...wonderful time...of the year!

Striper season in New York officially kicked back in last week and fluking will pick up in less than two weeks. After watching their buddies in New Jersey bag quality bass for the past month, Long Island anglers are hitting the shores and firing up their boats: getting ready to put some meat on the deck.

This month’s two part blog series will attempt to give a summary of some quality charter boats in each region of Long Island. Some I’ve been on myself, others are recommendations from friends or fishing resources online that I trust and use regularly. My goal is to eventually be able to have a more comprehensive charter guide up on the site, but that may take a season or two and you gotta start somewhere!

I’m 100% missing a lot of great Long Island captains/boats here, so it would be awesome if you could leave some recommendations in the comments or shoot me an email at with your go-to’s it’ll help me build out a bigger guide!

Western South Shore

Brooklyn Fishing Club
Website | Instagram | Facebook

This is another one of those charters that I follow on Instagram and keep hearing great things about, but I haven’t gone out with yet. They’ve also got a podcast that I have been really enjoying and highlights how deep their passion and knowledge is for the waters they fish. Maybe it’s about time I book a day!

Forever Two Worlds
Website | Instagram

I’ve got a handful of friends who live in Rockaway that all swear by Forever Two Worlds. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to get out with them sooner rather than later and experience it for myself. I don’t know what it is about these NYC guys, but the Forever Two Worlds team are entrepreneurs just like the Brooklyn Fishing Club, as they run a clothing line with some pretty awesome gear.

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Karen Ann Charters
Website |

I had the pleasure of going out on the Karen Ann last Fall, and Captain Vinny is probably the most knowledgeable captain I’ve ever fished with. Great guy, knows his stuff and he specializes in putting people on bass. Couldn’t recommend getting out to Howard Beach to see him more.

Super Hawk
Website | Facebook | Instagram

I’m partial to these guys because they dock out of Point Lookout, which is down the block from where I live. That being said, I would definitely be down to come back to town for one of their night charters if I ever moved away. I can’t speak to how hard they hit striped bass personally, but they put us on a ton of porgies, sea bass, mackerel and blues. Hardworking crew, knowledgeable captain, great time!

Mid Island South Shore

Patty Ann
Facebook |

I did a full day on the Patty Ann with some friends to close out Fluke season last September. The first half of the day we fished in shore and had solid luck with the fluke. From there we went offshore and Captain Greg put us on Triggerfish, Bonito, Sea Bass and more Fluke. The Patty Ann has a captain and crew who know their stuff and are a lot of fun to be out on a boat with. I’ll definitely be doing at least one other charter with him this year


Laura Lee
Website | Instagram | Facebook

The Laura Lee fleet operates out of Captree and has a reputation as one of the top boats in the Great South Bay. They offer day trips, winter day trips for Ling and Cod, overnights in the canyons and Striper specific outings that hit hard.

Fishtale Fishing
Website | Instagram | Facebook

The Fishtale is a boat out of Captree that I’ve heard a lot about but have never been on myself. It’s a family-friendly party boat that, from what I gather in the online reviews, has a lot of loyal customers who have been going out with the Fishtale every year for a decade or two. Loyalty like that indicates a quality fishing experience!

Eastern South Shore

Viking Fleet
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Montauk is known as one of the best fishing locales in the world and there is no shortage of charters that will help you experience what makes it so special. That being said, the Viking Fleet may be the best known charter in the area. They’ve got an impeccable reputation and I’ve never heard a bad word about their trips personally. They also offer whale watching and sunset cruises as well.

Double D Montauk
Website | Instagram | YouTube

Double D is another standout amongst Montauk charters. Most of what I hear about them centers around shark fishing, but they offer a variety of options for excursions, including striped bass trips that regularly bring in 30,40 & 50 pounders.  

November Rain Charters
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Trip Advisor rated November Rain not just one of the best charters in Montauk, but in all of America. I know several people that have gone out with them and every one of them has strongly recommended taking a trip. This will be my first go-to if I can make it out to Montauk to fish this season.

Susie E II
Website | Facebook | YouTube

The Susie E II only came on my radar when doing research for this blog post, but the number of reviews saying it was one of the best fishing experience of people’s lives is impressive. They seem to be mostly known for shark fishing, but I’m definitely going to be trying to get on this boat as soon as possible.