Chartering Long Island: Fishing Trip Recommendations Around Long Island (Part 1: Long Island Sound)

Chartering Long Island: Part 1 Long Island Sound

Recommendations For Fishing Around Long Island


It’s the most...wonderful time...of the year!

Striper season in New York officially kicked back in this week and fluking will pick up in just over two weeks. After watching their buddies in New Jersey bag quality bass for the past month, Long Island anglers are hitting the shores and firing up their boats: getting ready to put some meat on the deck.

This month’s two part blog series will attempt to give a summary of some quality charter boats in each region of Long Island. Some I’ve been on myself, others are recommendations from friends or fishing resources online that I trust and use regularly. My goal is to eventually be able to have a more comprehensive charter guide up on the site, but that may take a season or two and you gotta start somewhere!

I’m 100% missing a lot of great Long Island captains/boats here, so it would be awesome if you could leave some recommendations in the comments or shoot me an email at with your go-to’s it’ll help me build out a bigger guide!

Western Long Island Sound

Pelagic Beast
Website | Instagram |

The Pelagic Beast fleet operates out of Norwalk, Stamford and New Rochelle so it’s not technically Long Island, but they’re worth crossing a bridge. Recommended for all ages and skill levels and a glance at the pictures and reviews let’s you know how strong of a captain Jason Spina is.

SOURCE: Pelagic Beast Fleet Instagram

Reel Mayhem
Website | Instagram | YouTube

I’ve followed these guys on Instagram for a while and watched them crush Togs all last season. I attempted to book a trip in November but unfortunately couldn’t find a date that works. I will be chasing blackfish with them in the Fall, but in the meantime they also do a great job putting people on stripers. You have to cross a bridge for them again, but all signs point to it being way worth paying the tolls.

SOURCE: Reel Mayhem Instagram

Never Enuff Fishing
Website | Instagram |

Never Enuff is the only boat operating out of the north shore of Queens and they’ve got a solid following around their two boats. They dock out of the World’s Fair Marina in Flushing, so you get a shot at the perfect day - spend the morning and afternoon fishing, eat what you catch and then head to Citi to catch the Mets.

SOURCE: Never Enuff Instagram

Moonlight Lady
Website | Instagram |

Captain Tommy Kampa runs the Moonlight Lady out of Port Washington. Great reviews on the Moonlight Lady across the board and this one is a good boat for taking the kids out.

SOURCE: Moonlight Lady Instagram

Mid Island Long Island Sound

Instagram | Facebook

Badfish Charters operate in the Sound out of Huntington. I don’t know a ton about them, but their Instagram always has monster catches. Any additional information or reviews you guys could leave in the comments would be helpful!

SOURCE: BadFish Charters Instagram

Port of Call
Website | Instagram |

Captain Sean Crean and the Port of Call team are known for the inshore knowledge and ability to provide a special family-friendly experience. They operate out of Huntington and even have “Kids Special Fishing Trips” geared towards getting your son or daughter to see why fishing is so special to their parents.  

SOURCE: Port of Call Charters Instagram

Northport Fishing Charters
Website | Instagram | Facebook

The “Sashimi” and Captain Stu offer a diverse array of opportunities to enjoy the Sound including sunset cruises, family outings and fishing for some of the biggest bass and fluke on Long Island. They operate out the historic Northport Harbor. They also have “Captain Stu’s Fishing Adventure” - a kid’s fishing summer camp that teaches kids how to fish, catch their own bait and offers them a glimpse into the workings of a marine ecoystem.

Eastern Long Island Sound

Captain Fish
Website | Instagram | YouTube

Captain Eric is a USCG licensed captain that has been fishing the waters surrounding Port Jefferson for over twenty years. It’s a spacious 30 foot boat that can accommodate up to six passengers for a wide array of trips from inshore up to 100 miles offshore.

SOURCE: Captain Fish on Instagram

Celtic Quest
Website | Facebook |

The Celtic Quest was voted one of the best family fishing experience on Long Island. Captain Des O’Sullivan grew up in Port Jeff and has been fishing the area for his entire life. He’s gotten nods of approval in Newsday, Fisherman Magazine and he’s been invited as a guest on the Fishing Line and Noreast Radio. In addition to running charters, they also operate a Fishing Fun camp for kids in the summer. The Celtic Quest fleet is undoubtedly one of the most popular on the east end of the Sound.

Osprey Fishing Charter
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Another great fleet out of Port Jeff, the Osprey has a long and storied history. Captain Joe Cash purchased his first head boat in 1964 and the family has continued the tradition of running party charters now into their third generation. That’s THREE GENERATIONS of knowledge regarding fishing the Sound they apply to putting you on the fish.

SOURCE: Osprey Fishing on Instagram

Black Rock Fishing
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Another family-friendly outfit operating in Orient Point. Captain Sloan Gurney grew up fishing in Orient Point and knows the local waters like few others. He’s been working the east end of the Sound for 35 years starting as a commercial fisherman in the 80s and a profession rod and reel striped bass fisherman. Captain Sloan is known for his friendly, outgoing personality and every trip out on the Black Rock is a good time.